Friday, 18 August 2017

A quick update

The kittens are now happily eating solids and I can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact they are extremely enthusiastic about their food, listen for the growls as they eat! The little black and white boy was still pretty full from his last meal and was more interested in getting my attention.

Eliza has now had about 10 agility lessons, and although she is still not keen on the tunnel, the rest is all falling into place nicely.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ticking along

Somebody is feeling much better, 3 weeks after kittening and 2 1/2 weeks after being taken seriously ill, Bob is in the mood for love again. Sorry Bob, not a cat in hells chance of that happening! Listen out for the splash as Beetle falls in the bath that I had just run for myself.

Her tummy is all but healed now, which considering how bad it was just 19 days ago is pretty close to miraculous

Sadly Bob has no interest in her kittens now, but Tibbs continues to do a grand job with them, keeping them clean and providing top up feeds between the bottle feeds that I give them. They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow (10th August) and seem to be developing pretty much normally. 

Beetle continues to be a complete nutter - 

And of course the dogs are still going on their fabulous daily walks :)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bob and her kittens

After nearly a week on I/V fluids at the vets Bob was finally well enough to come home a few days ago. She is still far from being right but is now well on the road to recovery. Initial scans showed peritonitis, though we don't know what triggered it. On Saturday morning she finally started to expel all the toxins from her body, she now has gangrenous mastitis and although this looks absolutely horrific it is actually nowhere near as painful as you might think as all the nerve endings in the area have died. She now has to go through a process of sloughing off all the dead tissue, then granulation of the wounds will start, at this point it will be more sensitive as nerves will return to the area, and eventually she should heal completely. She is tolerating all her treatments without fuss and I really think the hardest part for her is not being able to nurse her kittens. I am adding a couple of pictures of her wounds but will put them right at the bottom of this page as you may not want to see them.

Tibbs is doing a sterling job with both her own kitten, Polly, and Bobs kittens. Although she does not have enough milk for them all (I am bottle feeding the kittens every few hours) she does keep them clean and warm.

Warning - graphic pictures below, please be assured that Bob is under close veterinary supervision and is receiving all the necessary care to ensure a full recovery.